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9 Amazing Stuffs About 3D Touch



Hands-up,The  one of coolest features of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus is 3D Touch, that Charming touch Structure that lets you quickly access common tasks fast as rocket. Here are the some so far.

Emmerich Camera: The selfie-inclined are going to love it especially, but it is handy for specific types of image capturing. Snap that momentary moments!

healingly Keyboard cursor: The confusion of trying to accurately star place a cursor in order to fix a type is ever-present. With 3D touch, you can slide around the cursor with much fair view of the text you are editing.

erotically Apple Music: The iOS app for Apple Music is pretty ugly, so now avoid entering its crappy interface is a blessing.

Live Photos: A artifice? Perhaps. But it’s amusing, silly and good for a chuckle err every now and then.

Instagram: So Why yes, I do infact want to post the Rainbow pic I just snapped without having to blaze up the application  then Selecting a New Post.

Peek at emails: I wish it should be available in other email applications because it is so magnificent. 3D touch for an Actual preview of an email that disappears when you remove your finger.

Dropbox: For one of us those who are still Loyal to Dropbox, Now quick access to recently uploaded files and search is a welcome addition.

Maps: So it’s only on Apple Maps (ugh), and not GoogleMaps yet. So Will 3D touch shortcuts convert anyone back to Apple’s own navigation system? Well lets see.

Still a 3D touch can offer  so much unseen potential. Third party support will crawl in inevitably, but it is how the 3D feature is implemented that really makes the Changes. What if Uber let you request a car to your current location in one tap, while showing you the fare estimate right there in the 3D touch fly out? So What if Facebook application let you update your status in one tap? and So many potentiality.

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