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Assembly #1 – What is Assembly language?

Today we start a new tutorials series on Assembly language programming. In this series we will learn

  • What is Assembly language?
  • The flow of language processing
  • Why learn Assembly language?

Every device around us works with some binary signals high or low, or you can say binary language ones and zeroes. This hardware layer works through the Instruction Set Architecture which takes Machine language code and implements in Binary signals which runs our drives. But coding in Machine language is very difficult due to its numeric instructions. This is why an improved language was created which is known as Assembly language.

A C++ code snippet:

int Y; 
int X = (Y + 4) * 3;

Following is the equivalent translation to assembly language. The translation requires multiple statements because assembly language works at a detailed level:

mov eax, Y; move Y to the EAX register 
add eax,4 ; add 4 to the EAX register 
mov ebx,3 ; move 3 to the EBX register 
imul ebx ; multiply EAX by EBX 
mov X,eax ; move EAX to X

We will also discuss what is the flow of language processing.


language flow


Requirements for following this series:

  1. Some programming background with C# or Java or any high level language
  2. x86 or 32bit computer architecture


Watch the video – Assembly language in Urdu: Introduction:

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