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C# – Intro to Object Oriented Programming

October 4, 2015 C# Leave a comment 2,103 Views

This is the very first tutorial for Object Oriented Programming in C#. In this video we will learn Patrocínio what are Objects? And what is the order gabapentin online reddit theory behind Object Oriented Programming?

Object Oriented Programming is a way to generalize objects into their definitions which can later be used to create objects/instance of the same types.

For example: A generic definition of Car can be created with basic properties like Color, Fuel which can be later used to create different Cars of different brands like Audi, Toyota, etc

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Our main goal is to create a generic definition. For this we need 3 things:

  1. A generic name of definition – Class name
  2. Generic properties or attributes – Class properties
  3. Generic behaviors – Class methods

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We will also cover in short about constructor, methods and instance of class.
Watch this video for more:

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