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JAVA #27 Object Type in Java

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single-handed Object Type in Java

  • An object is a class instance or an array.
  • The reference values (often just references) are pointers to these objects, and a special null reference, which refers to no object.
  • A class instance is explicitly created by a class instance creation expression .
  • An array is explicitly created by an array creation expression.
  • A new class instance is implicitly created when the string concatenation operator + is used in a non-constant expression, resulting in a new object of type String .
  • A new array object is implicitly created when an array initializer expression is evaluated; this can occur when a class or interface is initialized , when a new instance of a class is created , or when a local variable declaration statement is executed .
  • New objects of the types Boolean, Byte, Short, Character, Integer, Long, Float, and Double may be implicitly created by boxing conversion .


// File name
package objectdatatype;
public class ObjectDataType {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        classValue objVal = new classValue();
        objVal.write(new Float(23.24));

class classValue
    private Object storeValue;
    public void write(Object val) // Setter Function
        storeValue = val;
    public Object read() // Getter Function
        return storeValue;


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