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Introduction to Java programming

Java programming

Welcome to Java programming language tutorial in Urdu/Hindi. In this first tutorial we will learn about very basics of Java.

Introduction to Java

Java is one of the most famous programming language of 2016. It is a widely used object oriented programming language. Java programming offers two types application development:

  1. Java Console Applications.
  2. Java GUI Applications.
    1. AWT
    2. SWINGS

Some definitions to know in starting…


Any real world entity called Object.
example: dog, car and computers etc.


A Class is a template of multiple objects.
Name of man and Age of man etc.

Why do Java programming?

The basic objective behind the language is to create software that could be embedded in consumer electronics devices like as well as cross platform support.

Feature Of Java:

  1. Object Oriented Programming language
  2. Platform Independent
  3. Secure
  4. Distributed
  5. Multi-threaded
  6. Portable
  7. High Performance

Learn more in this video of Introduction to Java programming in Urdu language.

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