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Li-Fi technology: Transfer rate up to 224 Gbps!


Li-Fi a lightning fast alternative to the Wi-fi with transfer rate up to 224 Gbps!

What is Li-Fi?

Li-fi is a new way of communication between mobile devices. It is based on the fact that intensity of a light emitted through an LED can be modulated. It can be increased or decreased in such a way which can be used to transfer data. This modulation is performed in such a way that it can’t be seen with a human eye.

Li-Fi technology was introduced by Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh. He demonstrated this technology in his TED talk in 2011 which has attracted more than 1.7 million viewers.

How does Li-Fi work?

LED are small diodes which emit photons when current is applied. If current is varied, the intensity of LED also varies. Photons are emitted from LED which can be received by a receiver unit. If this beam of photon is modulated, it can be used to send information at the speed of light which can later be demodulated. Because LED are semiconductor devices, this modulation can take place at much higher speed than what a human eye can perceive.

Such LED devices can be fixed in ceiling which will provide us light for daily use and a light fast internet connection as well.




Li-Fi provides much better features than Wi-Fi technology.

High speed data transfer

Since light is the medium through which data is being sent, it is the fastest way of data transfer . It is so far measured to be about 100 times faster than some Wi-Fi implementations, reaching speeds of 224 gigabits per second. Parallel data transfer is also possible which makes it even more efficient and faster.

Low cost implementations

If costs lower than Wi-Fi and other radio devices. It uses fewer component to transfer data.

Efficiency and safety

LED are already efficient semiconductor devices and requires very low voltages to operate. Like Wi-Fi it doesn’t spread waves with signals and data everywhere in the environment which can be picked up by other devices and that makes it much more safer.


Li-Fi will revolutionize the world by providing lightning fast data transfer speeds to a normal users. With this technology it is estimated that you will be able to download more than 20 movies of 1Gb size each in just 1 second. Wow!


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