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What is SEO & How Search Engines work?

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of optimizing your webpages so that it can target more queries from Search Engines. SEO is to optimize pages for search engines and how we can get our content shown in higher search results.

How Search Engines work?

Part of Search Engine Optimization tutorials or SEO training is to learn how search engines actually work?. This tutorial will explain how Google search engine works? What happens when you do a Google search? and how websites get indexed at Google?

Whenever you do a search using Google. You’re not actually searching the web. Instead you’re searching the database of Google. So data or websites must be present or pre-stored in database in order for them to show up in the search results. But how does Google know about the webpages all over the internet?

Well, the answer is spiders or crawlers. Not a real spider but a digital computer program which works like a spider following the web. It takes a webpage and analyzes it for more links on that page. That spider stores that webpage in the database and then follows all the links found on that page and repeats the process again and again. This is how all search engines work.

google search crawlers


But Google being #1 search engine is not that simple. If you search for Java tutorials you will find thousands of search results even in millions for some search queries, but how does Google decide which search result should come first?

Well, this calculation is done based on many factors. Some of them are:

  1. Where does your keywords exist in search results?
  2. Are they in title or in the content body?
  3. Are the keywords adjacent to each other?
  4. How much spelling difference? (CAPS)
  5. How old is a web page?
  6. What page rank does it have?
  7. What is the load time of the webpage
  8. and many more…

When this calculation is complete, web pages are shown to you. The higher rank your webpage has, higher it will show in the search result. If you search for tips for better programming you will find this article on first page because it has good rank as compared to other webpages over the internet for this topic.

In the following articles we will discuss all the Search Engine Optimizations that are necessary for your web pages to show higher, up in the search results.

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