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Phoneblocks: A modular phone

Lunel September 30, 2015 Blog Leave a comment 1,142 Views

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It all started when someone’s camera broke down and there were no means to fix it. Dave Hakkens started thinking about how consumer electronics could be designed in a way that would make them easier to repair and easy to upgrade. google-project-ara-small

For example, your mobile’s camera not working…are you going to throw your phone for that? No more!! Phoneblocks to the rescue. The theory behind it is to assemble every part of a phone separately in a way so that it can be detached and replaced. So if something’s not working on your device, well you can replace it ASAP! 🙂

Phonebloks is an idea based on a vision as well as a growing movement. It is a development and production towards products that produce less electronic waste. Preferably using open source, open innovation and under a circular economy.

Learn more about phoneblocks:

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