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Assembly 06 – List of useful procedures (Irvine32)

This is a list of useful procedures and instructions in Assembly language. Also contains procedures provided by the Kip Irvine’s Irvine32 library.

  • mov instruction – For moving values
mov <destination>, <source>

; move 5 in eax register
mov eax, 5

; move value from eax register to variable var1 in memory
mov var1, eax
  • crlf – For newline
call crlf
  • add, sub, imul, div – The arithmetic operations
add <destination>, <source>

; add 5 in eax
add eax, 5

; multiply value of eax by 3
imul eax, 3

; divisde 4 by 2
; move 4 in eax
mov eax, 4

; move 2 in ebx
mov ebx, 2

; move edx to 0 for remainder
mov edx, 0

; divide eax by ebx
div ebx
  • read – For reading something from user or taking inputs
; read decimal
call readdec

; read integer
call readint

; read float
call readfloat

; read character
call readchar

; read string
; needs buffer and counter - Watch String tutorial for this
call readstring
  • write – For printing or writing something in console
; write decimal
call writedec

; write integer
call writeint

; write float
call writefloat

; write binary and hexa values
call writebin
call writehex

; write character
call writechar

; write string
call writestring


I will update this list and add more procedures and instructions as we move along this series. So bookmark this and come back later to get more Assembly language procedures and instructions.

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