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Natural Language Processing In Artificial Intelligence

What is Natural Language Processing?

In the NLP, we use the English language to interact and communicate between an intelligence system; also, natural language plays a vital role in various methods. For example, we are communicating with the robot and is used to perform as per your instruction, and the input and output NLP system can be a speech and written text.

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Components of NLP

The NLP has two essential components of a natural language processing system. Natural language understanding and natural language generation.

Natural Language Understanding

In the natural language understanding, we understand the very basic tasks. NLU has mapped to a given input in natural language into useful representation as well as the analyzing changed different aspects of the word.

Natural Language Generation

In the Natural language, generation produce so many meaningful phrases and sentence. And this could be a form of natural language from the internal representation.

Text Planning: In this process, we must save the relevant content from a knowledge base.

Sentence Planning: In this, we must select the required words to set the tone of the sentence.

Text Realization: In this, the process of mapping the sentence plan into sentence structure.

Natural Language Processing Difficulties

Syntax Level Ambiguity: In this, we define a sentence in a parsed way in different ways.

Lexical Ambiguity: This is predefined at a primitive level, such as word level.

Referential Ambiguity: In this, we are referring somewhat using pronouns.

Terminologies of Natural Language processing

Phonology: In this, we are studying organizing the sound.

Morphology: In this, we are studying the construction of words from the first meaningful units.

Morpheme: This is a primitive unit of sense in a language.

Syntax: In the arranging a word to make a meaningful sentence.

Semantics: In this combine a word with meaningful phrase as well as defines the meaning of words.

Pragmatics: In this, define an understanding of sentences in different situations.

World knowledge: In this, have a complete and general knowledge about the world.

Five steps In Natural Language Processing

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Lexical Analysis: In this, we are analyzing the structure of words. Also, the collection of words and phrases in a language called a lexicon of a language.

Syntactic Analysis: In this, we must use a parsing technique to Analysis of word also arrange words in a particular manner and display the relationship between the words.

Semantic Analysis: This could be defining an exact dictionary meaning. Also mapping the syntactic structures and objects.

Discourse Integration: In this definition, the meaning of every sentence depends upon the purpose of the previous sentence.

Pragmatic Analysis: In this data interpreted also derive aspects of language which want real-world knowledge.

Applications of NLP

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Communication: The computer used to learn a new language and a medium to communicate with the user. For casual users like managers and children, these are most important and don’t have time to learn new skills.

Syntax: In syntax, we define the form of language, as well as the grammar, which used to specify it. Also, we natural language of computer programs this language is very complicated than other words. 

Semantic: In this utterance, meaning provided with the semantics. And build the understanding exist a general semantic theory.

Pragmatics: In this, explain how the utterance relates to the world.

Importance Of natural language processing

We can realize the advantage of natural language in a very easiest way as we reflect statements:

“Cloud computing indemnification should be part of each service level contract.”

As an individual is used to natural language processing, in an entity, a person will identify a cloud computing. 

Human language based on kinds of vague elements seem frequently. The machine learning algorithms are historically bad at interpreting. And also several improvements take place in deep learning and artificial intelligence. And understand them very efficiently and effectively.


In this article, we studied about the Natural language processing, components, difficulties, terminologies importance, and Applications and defined how can natural language processing work and perform a task.

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