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SEO Tip 02 – Keyword optimizations


In previous article we learned about writing good, unique SEO content. But good content itself isn’t enough. In this article we will learn keyword optimizations. So first thing first:

What are Keywords?

Keywords are search queries, queries that users type to perform a Google search.

For example: I type in Google, ‘Java tutorials’ so ‘Java tutorials’ is a keyword and their all possible combinations with other keywords like { ‘Java tutorials’, ‘Java’, ‘tutorials’, ‘tutorials for java’ and so on…}

What is Keyword optimizations ?

Writing unique and interesting content will bring in more readers, but search engines do not look at content the same way as readers. So Keyword optimizations is something related to how Search Engines look at your content. The better you optimize your content for keywords, the higher it will get ranked at search engines like Google.

But then next question is How do I know what keywords should I target?

Searching and collecting keywords data

There is a good tool available for free Google Keyword Planner. It is a free tool which provides everything that you need for keyword optimization. It can tell you:

  • How many times a keyword is used to perform search?
  • What are relative keywords?
  • How many people are targeting those keywords with their content?

Go to Google Keyword planner tool and register a free account. Next, go to tools and click ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’ Type in the first box your keywords that you want to know about like ‘Java’ and click ‘Get ideas’ button. It will then show you keyword usage and all relative keywords.

searching keyword in Google's keyword planner for keyword optimizations

keyword search result

Using keywords:

After collecting your focused keywords you can now use them in your article. You can use them in a number of ways

  • Keywords in title – By carefuly using keywords in the title of all your blog posts

keywords in title

  • Keywords in meta description –  By precisely using a couple of keywords in your meta description or snippet of blog posts.
    keyword in description
  • Keywords in post URL address – By optimizing URL of your blog post and placing commonly used keywords in it
    keywords in url
  • Keywords in image alt – By placing some keywords in alt attribute of images, which is also a part of  seo image optimization
    keywords in alt of image



  1. In short, seo keyword optimization can be understood as for what user searches you want to show your content in Google search results.
  2. The better you do keyword optimizations, the better you get ranked and showed in Google search results.
  3. Take your time, this part is the most crucial part for publishing content that will be read by thousands of readers online. So do some deep keyword analysis using the Google Keyword planner and Good luck!
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