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SEO Tip 01 – The Content

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Content is King – Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting – Bill Gates


Content is king

Your content is king, this is what brings more people and search engine traffic to your website. You can spend most of your time doing Search Engine Optimizations but if your article itself isn’t interesting for readers they will never share it or come back to it.

Here are few tips for writing awesome seo content that your readers will love and share with others:

First of all, your content or articles must be unique. Think of it this way: Why would Google or other search engines crawl a webpage and store it in their database if it is a duplicate content? It’s probably in their database already which means they won’t store it.

Writing unique seo content can be difficult. Think of it this way: In how many ways can you write about ‘Introduction to Computers’? 2 or 3 ways but not much. Always write what ‘you’ know about the topic. You need to make sure you don’t copy every single word exactly. Try to change the words and make it unique as much as you can.

Secondly, your article should be detailed but not boring.boringactivityinteresting

Write something which explains the topic very well but do not make it boring, people don’t like to read boring stuff and they tend to search for something which is easier to understand.

Here are few tips for making your articles attractive and interesting:

  1. Graphical + Textual approach: Add few images, probably 1 with each heading if possible. People are attracted towards images and colors and this increases their curiousness about the topic. So make sure you add some images in your content.
  2. Videos: Adding videos to your page is good. If readers start watching some video on your webpage. It will be increase session time for that webpage which is good. Hence, it will affect your AdSense calculations in a positive way.



Write great articles, use your imagination and creativity. Make it unique and seo friendly as much as you can and make it interesting by adding some visual images, graphs, videos, etc so that your readers share your content. Remember, writing great content is the key to success.


Previous articles: How Search Engines work What is Search Engine Optimization?

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