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C# – Encapsulation

Encapsulation: Encapsulation in a nutshell is “hiding the data“. It restricts direct access to data of an object. Encapsulation can be applied to data members or methods. It is done by putting the “private” keyword before the class property name or method name. Private – A member is private and accessible …

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C# – Intro to Object Oriented Programming

This is the very first tutorial for Object Oriented Programming in C#. In this video we will learn what are Objects? And what is the theory behind Object Oriented Programming? Object Oriented Programming is a way to generalize objects into their definitions which can later be used to create objects/instance …

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Object Oriented Programming in Java

Object Oriented Programming in Java Object Oriented Programming is a concept of objects and relating everything in real world. It allows us to think about everything in the universe as an object so we can easily work with them. In this Java programming tutorial, we will learn basic pillars of …

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